Course Objective : Optometry is health care profession concerned with eye and related structures, as well as vision, visual systems & vision information processing in humans. Optometrists are primary care providers for the diagnosis, management and treatment of the eye diseases & refractive disorders. Optometrists examine and diagnose many ocular disorders, as well as Refractive conditions and manage by prescribing optical aids such as glasses, contact lenses & other remedial aids. They can also specialize in the field of contact lens, orthoptics, low vision aids, sports vision, pediatric optometry, behavior optometry etc.

Subject to study :Anatomy, physiology, bio-chemistry, pathology, microbiology, pharmacology, physical optics, geo-metrical optics, english, ocular disease and instrument, environment and ecology, psychology, ophthalmic instrument, visual optics, visual aids, computer application, lens and instrumentation, clinical optometry, public health and community optometry.

About Optometry: is the art and science of vision and Eye Care. It is the profession of examination of the eyes, to diagnose optical, neurological, development and pathological anomalies and treatment by lenses and other remedial aids to improve maximum efficiency of vision.

Optometrist:A person licensed or registered to practice optometry. Optometrists are health care professionals who specialize in the examination, diagnosis and treatment of the visual system. They prescribe the lenses, contact lenses, visual aids or therapy and other remedial aids to achieve maximum vision and also refer the patients to appropriate health care professionals, if required.

Areas where optometrists can work:

  • Hospitals.
  • Medical centres (Eye department).
  • Private practice.
  • Optical house / showroom.
  • Sports clinic.
  • In universities / colleges – academician.
  • Trade industry.
  • Optical manufacturing laboratories / industries.
  • Contact lense manufacturing company.
  • Contact lense manufacturing company.

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